Saturday, December 20, 2014

AutoLISP Program For Free

AutoLISP Program For Free

Yeah. You have read it right. You can get an AutoLISP program. Tell me what program you want and I write it for you. For free.

You Know About AutoLISP Programs

You know about AutoLISP programs. They help you to speed up AutoCAD. Or a CAD program that is an alternative for AutoCAD.

I'm not talking about free CAD programs. I'm talking about CAD programs that you must pay for. IntelliCAD is such a program.

You think that is very good. And you know you can engage me to write an AutoLISP program for you. But you are not sure.

Engaging Me

You are thinking. When you engage me to write an AutoLISP program, you must pay me. You are wondering. How much must you pay me?

Well. This is how it is. You engage me for writing an AutoLISP program and you don't have to pay me. I will write it for free.


Is there a catch? Oh yes. There is a catch. But don't feel that you are forced to pay me. It is all up to you.

I works like this. You tell me what AutoLISP program you want and I write the program for you. You will get the program.

Work with the program. See how it is. Do you feel your CAD program is quicker? Do you feel you are saving money with the program?

Up To You

If you feel that your CAD program is quicker and that you are saving money, then make a calculation. What is the value?

You can pay me the value off the AutoLISP program. But it is up to you. Only pay me if you want to pay me. Pay me what you feel is right.